For the first time in history, 2016 saw a major political party include trans rights in its platform and send 28 transgender delegates to its national convention.  Just two weeks earlier, legal equality became a reality for transgender people in Massachusetts.  More than ever before, trans people are on TV and in the news, and millions of people across America are joining a national conversation to end discrimination and create a world that embraces all expressions of gender.

Despite these momentous advances, only 18 states and the District of Columbia have anti-discrimination laws that fully protect transgender people. Several states continue debating bills that would actually legalize exclusion from housing, employment, public facilities and services based on gender identity or expression.  And in New York, after an executive order to incorporate gender identity into existing human rights protections, the State Senate refused for the 13th year to put the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) to a vote. Legislated statutory rights not only extend essential protections to vulnerable people, they are vital to the development of safe, healthy, and inclusive communities.

Founded in 2014 by LGBT activists Juli Grey-Owens, Jeffrey Friedman, Barbara Salva, and Betsy Malcolm, TransPAC is a political action committee dedicated to achieving full and equal rights for transgender people.  As an organization registered in the state of New York, TransPAC's immediate objective is to elect State Senators who pledge to pass GENDA in 2017.  From there, TransPAC will work to win statutory rights for transgender people in every state in America.

To learn more about TransPAC or to get involved, please contact Mel Wymore, Executive Director, at transpacny@gmail.com

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